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Thermal Sensor Cable (Fe/CuNi)

oil-resistant multi-use like temperature measurement for hot-runner control systems

thermal sensor cable

ShieldingOuter SheathM. Ø
ca. mm
TC 1Z 2x0,22V 1 Thermo 2 x 0,22 none none twisted
TC 1Z 2x0,5A 1 Thermo 2 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 6
TC 6Z 12x0,5A 6 Thermo 12 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 13
TC 8Z 16x0,5A 8 Thermo 16 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 15
TC 12Z 24x0,5A 12 Thermo 24 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 18
TC 16Z 32x0,5A 16 Thermo 32 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 20
TC 24Z 48x0,5A 24 Thermo 48 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 23
TC 32Z 64x0,5A 32 Thermo 64 x 0,50 Cu-mesh PVC 24

No minimum quantities

Code letter
Thermo couple

Description:  Thermo sensor cable

Thermo sensor cables are  essential for exact temperature detection in remote measurement locations. They serve as an extension from thermal sensor to measurement device. Thermo sensor cables consist of metal materials that comply with the thermoelectric behavior of the specific thermo element.

thermo sensor cable   wire insulation: PVC T12 compliant to DIN VDE 0281 Part 1
  Color Code:(+) black, Fe     (-) white / numbered  CuNi
  Code letter J / Color Code IEC 584
  Shielding:         Cu-mesh tin-coated

Application range:
Multipared thermo sensor and control cable, shielded against electromagnetic dysfunction, for use in temperature measurement and  und production process engineering fixed laying. Applicable for connection between hot runner and control device.
Temperature rang: -15°C up to +70°C
In power track train: -5°Cup to +70°C
Fixed laying: -40°Cup to +80°C
Cables are suitable for flexible use and fixed laying in dry and damp rooms with average mechanical strain. May not be used outdoor without UV-protection and only in consideration of the min./max. temperature range.